many, many snacks

First attempt

Mom: “Don’t start writing. Put your pencil down and let’s talk about this. What kind of business would you like to have?”

Sawyer: “Toys R Us.”

Mom: “We already have Toys R Us stores. Let’s think about something that we don’t have.”

Sawyer: “An Amazon store so you don’t have to wait a whole day.”

<- stunned silence ->

Mom: “Let’s take a snack break!”

– – – – – – –

Second attempt

Sawyer: “I thought about this all day and I want to have a library store.”

Mom: “Okay. What’s a library store?”

Sawyer: “It’s just like a library, but it’s mine.”

Mom: “How do you make a profit?”

Sawyer: “We don’t have to make anything. We’ve got books.”

Mom: “How about a book store.”

Sawyer: “No. I don’t have any money.”

Mom: “Snack break!”

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