Dear elementary teacher,

While it is a perfectly reasonable in-school assignment for a library research project, it is a nightmare to assign a homework project that will inevitably be researched online on the subject of “cougars.” I can’t even use a search engine while my child is looking at the screen. Please remove “cougars” from your list of animal projects.

Thank you,
Sawyer’s mom

P.S. Expecting an 8-y-o boy to make a 3D model of a cougar is cruel and unusual punishment. Habitat? Fine. Actual animal? Give me a break.

4 thoughts on “Dear elementary teacher,

  1. I feel your pain. I still need to write the post about my son researching “geography” as he figures out online the team name for a football club based in the mile high city. Try that one….

  2. Shane – “The cougar’s habitat includes upscale resorts and cruise ships.”

    I’m obviously guessing. I won’t be googling it.

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