The old L&N sign

The L&N STEM Academy is housed inside an old Victorian that began as a train station in 1905. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad or L&N Station, stopped being a train station in 1975 and played a part in the 1982 World’s Fair before becoming a STEM school in 2011. The students and staff are very mindful of the building’s historic significance and beauty. Though the old L&N sign in front of the school is worn by time and weather, it is a revered reminder of Knoxville history.

A clever parent turned a picture of the sign in its’ exact current condition, into the design for this year’s spring t-shirt. The shirt is nostalgic, yet the profits from the sale of the shirt will help fund things like wet labs, podcasting studio supplies and educational travel expenses. Buy a shirt to show your pride of Knoxville’s past. Buy a shirt to show your hope for Knoxville’s future. Buy a shirt because it’s cool.

L&N STEM order form

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L&N shirt order form

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