How RenTeen saved Christmas

Because I wandered aimlessly from chore to chore yesterday, the tree takedown took the entire day. I removed the ornaments and wandered off to load the dishwasher. I pulled the light strings down and sat down to fold a few baskets of laundry. I separated the tree sections and went to organize the kitchen pantry.

Despite the slow motion de-Christmasing, not one child complained. For the first time ever, nobody said, “Awww.” It seemed as though everyone had outgrown the silliness that is a plastic tree covered in lights and homemade decorations. Perhaps it’s time to skip the tree and fill the bay window with presents. Maybe the children are all too mature for packages and would prefer travel to instead.

As I pondered holiday destinations, RenTeen suddenly realized the tree was no more.

“Hey! What happened to the tree? Why did you take it down?”


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