Homemade Gifts

My siblings and I exchange homemade gifts every Christmas. It is much more fun than trying to shop for the perfect thing with a limited budget. This year, Doug made wind chimes and I made cat toys.
Each year we hand make Christmas presents for the like aged people in the family (brothers, sisters, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws). This year we made wind chimes. I am quite pleased with the results.crinkly noise

Last year we made decorative bottle lights and paired them with a matching unopened bottle of adult beverage. Expect to lose a few bottles to cracks if you make these.

In 2013, we made lighted garlands in orange for the sportsball fans and holiday colors for everyone else. Cheap scissors gave me blisters and the joints on my aging hands swelled up cartoonishly. Invest in good scissors before you attempt this craft.
Orange & White rag tie garland

In 2012, we made ornaments from old books. I used my grandmother‘s old teacher textbooks and it hurt my mother’s heart. If you decide to make these ornaments, buy a McKay’s copy of the recipient’s favorite book and use that instead.
first ball

Next year will be challenging since one brother and his family will be living in one of the -stan countries. Let the planning begin.

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