Inauguration Day

Friday is PE45’s Inauguration. Until such time as he is impeached, there will be resistance.

As much as it pains me to say it after 33.7K tweets since I joined in June of 2007, Twitter needs to be shut down completely. PE45 is infatuated with Twitter. If he behaved the least bit Presidential, that would be fine. His “unpresidented” behavior on Twitter is more than unseemly. It is a danger to everyone, especially since he uses it to paint a bullseye on any person, company and country that isn’t kissing his ring. For our national safety, his tweeting must stop. He won’t leave Twitter of his own accord. If all of us who recognize the damage he does with his elementary school maturity tweets left Twitter, it would create a bubble of “Yes men.” That would only make things worse. Twitter needs to go.

Until someone wealthy and wise purchases and closes Twitter, there is one thing that everyone needs to learn to do on Twitter. Do NOT reply to or RT PE45. He doesn’t read anyone’s replies. He doesn’t care if the RT is attached to praise or criticism. He only sees the number of RTs and replies he gets. They feed his bottomless pit of attention seeking. Stop feeding the troll. Attach screen caps to your tweets instead.

DO tweet hashtags that are not about PE45 all day Friday. Look at the trending topics and push the ones that are not about the narcissist. Tweet Civil Rights quotes and protest songs. Anything but he-who-loves-to-be-named.

Television ratings
Don’t watch the Inauguration. Don’t think that watching something else will be noticed by anyone either. Turn off the tv.

Embrace the work of artists who are going to put themselves in harm’s way with their political protest cartoons, poems and music. Buy it. Wear it. Display it. Don’t underestimate the importance of this action.

Contact YOUR elected officials
Call and email with specific concerns about the Hatch Act, Emoluments Clause, Anti-Nepotism Laws, Treason and Impeachment.

Vote EVERY election
Don’t vote once every four years. Vote in every election. Care about local politics.

Update: Searching for more ideas or a way to refer to the wannabe gangster? Luvvie has you covered.

2 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

  1. I agree with you on all accords.. but one. The television ratings. If you have a thousand households, 400 tune in to the innauguaration, 200 tune in to something else, and 400 turn off their televisions, then Trump has 66% of all “active viewers” However, if 400 tune in to the event and 600 watch “something else” he has 40% of viewers. Don’t turn off the TV… turn it on and tune it in… to something else. Some channel that will not carry the event. Animal Planet, Disney Channel and Comedy Central come to mind.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Jesus Christ, Trump is correct. You folks really do not know what to do with yourselves.

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