I see you searching

There seems to be a theme among people who end up here because of an Internet search. After all this time, shouldn’t the state of TN have a central database of information and assistance for descendants of the Georgia Tann’s victims?

opening the doors

We met the relatives. It was surprisingly comfortable. It would have been easy to mistake the gathering as a normal family reunion of people who haven’t seen each other in a lengthy period of time, except we were the branch that they didn’t know existed. Oh, they knew that a baby boy had been born. […]


What kind of awkward will we experience on Saturday? Will it be the uncomfortable awkward silence of words that people fear to speak? Will it be the awkward tension of anxiety about the unknown and unexplainable? Will it be the awkward absurdity of comparing noses and foreheads? All I know is that I will be […]

a brand new tree

What do you call an extended family reunion of people who didn’t know each other existed until recently? It’s certainly not a “re”-union. I’m still working on the correct word for the occasion, but it is happening next month. People, pictures, slides, old movies and a mix of happy and anxious feelings are going to […]

Another Georgia Tann comment

From the comments on this post: “My sister, cousin and I are looking for our fathers birth family. My dad and my uncle are red headed identical twins. We were all told a long web of lies only to find out that they were Georgia Tann babies. All we were told that may be part […]