City Primary results

Something like 19% of eligible voters participated in yesterday’s primary. It’s legitimate to complain that there is no ‘jury of peers’ when the hallway of potential jurors is almost entirely older white people. Whining that your elected officials don’t represent you when a fifth of the voting pool bothers to show up on election day […]

Gatlinburg is on fire

Gatlinburg is the place I went with youth groups as a teen. Gatlinburg is where Doug and I were married. Our first weekend alone as a married couple was in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg is where I’ve gone for work related conventions. Gatlinburg is where we take our family for entertainment. Gatlinburg isn’t somewhere we visit for […]

small talk

We go out for adult evenings less often than Knoxville gets a good snowfall. That’s probably a confusing example, because if Knoxville gets ANY snow, we don’t even go out for the children’s entertainment. Bad example aside, Doug and I went out for a few hours Saturday evening. Doug’s primary job for the evening was […]

May I have your autograph?

Starving Artist’s senior yearbook was mailed to Knoxville instead of her apartment in the Bronx. “Want me to mail it to you?” “Nah. I’ll get it at Christmas.” “Can I open it?” “Sure.” “Can I have fun with it?” “Do whatever you want.” I’m not going to look it up on Pinterest, but other than […]

the world is shrinking

Sarah: “Everybody knew Justin and Adam. Oh, and Z used to be friends with the guy that beat Henry. A bunch of my friends are going to Sundown tonight. Can I go too?” Can I just lock the doors and keep the children home?

weapons of extreme annoyance

The next time the government needs to have a chat with people holed up in a compound, maybe they should mist a bit of East TN air over the compound. Sometime in the following 24 hours, everyone inside the compound will begrudgingly put down their weapons and come outside in exchange for the promise of […]

Two cents – Inskip

It has taken me forever to feel it is appropriate to comment on the shooting at Inskip. I just couldn’t comment until the victims were stable and the school was moving forward in their healing process. The screaming about the size of the staff in the AJ building, metal detectors in every doorway or not […]

keep them behind a locked gate

After meeting opposition at every proposed site, the plan to create permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless all over Knox County has ended where so many wanted it to be, Lakeshore. Pessimistic voices argue that this keeps the mentally ill homeless near mental health services. Optimistic voices argue that Lakeshore is lovely and one […]

odds & ends

Since High School Tour 2009 will be published Tuesday morning, here is some of the stuff that won’t be included in the print or online versions of the tour. While I sat in the school office, woman number one pulled out her cell phone to call someone and get copies of paperwork needed to complete […]