City Primary results

Something like 19% of eligible voters participated in yesterday’s primary. It’s legitimate to complain that there is no ‘jury of peers’ when the hallway of potential jurors is almost entirely older white people. Whining that your elected officials don’t represent you when a fifth of the voting pool bothers to show up on election day or any of the many, many early voting options? You’re bringing that shit upon yourselves.

Before the election, I pointed out that only three of the mayoral candidates stood a chance unless the non-voters decided to care. They didn’t, so it’s down to two of the three. One of two candidates is going to get all the votes from the ‘I only vote R’ voters. That same candidate is going to get all the votes from teachers and locals still angry about the destruction that happened under Dr. McIntyre’s reign as Superintendent. The other candidate will get all the progressive votes except the aforementioned teachers. Since the stats on city voters run more D than R, this election will come down to the numbers of people who show up to vote. It is both that simple and that impossible to predict.

Again I ask you to look at the two candidates and think about the budget they will sign off on during their tenure. It is the real difference between the candidates.

As a side note, one of the Mayoral candidates who wasn’t in that three needs to run for office again. Aside from my personal fascination with children of politicians who don’t resemble their parents’ politics, a candidate who authentically speaks about real needs in their community is a voice that should be amplified.

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