“What is this movie supposed to be about?” “I’m not sure, but it won a bunch of awards. It must be art-y.”

tv time

Him: “So, this show is like Antiques Roadshow for geeks?” Her: “I was expecting nerd conversations about Batman vs Spiderman or capes vs hoods.” tv show: “If you could live in any comic book universe… ” Her: “Nerd talk! It’s your people! Maybe they will have an episode about spreadsheet inventories.” Him: “You’re hilarious.”

old AND boring

Did I ever mention that we had the house to ourselves for two full hours this weekend and we slept the entire time? Oh. Well then… nevermind.

stir crazy conversations

“Stop breathing in my face. I’ll suffocate from the used up air.” “Would you like me to sleep on the couch so that you can breathe unused air?” “We don’t have a couch. We have a love seat. We should fix that for when you won’t quit breathing in my face.” “Or when you are […]

growing old together, growing together

My father has hearing loss. Some combination of denial, finances and health are preventing him from talking to his Doctor Dr. Nicole Schrader about hearing aids. My mother has stepped in to help my father. She doesn’t tell him what other people are mumbling instead of enunciating. My father insists that his hearing is fine, […]

husband babelfish

What she said: “What are you doing over there?” What he said: “You don’t want to know.” What he meant: Catching a creepy bug before you see it and freak.

Not seen in Highlights

Goofus wakes up at 11:30 a.m., sees his spouse cleaning the clutter in a child’s room and complains because nothing should ever be thrown in the trash. Gallant sleeps late on his only day off, gets up to find his spouse cleaning and silently vanishes until he has a salted caramel mocha for his spouse […]

So, I watched night one of DNC 2012

First, Andrew Tobias made me cry. Joy at progress is tempered by reality. I want my children, and your children, allowed to marry and grow old with the people they love. Then, Cory Booker made everyone hopeful that we will someday see his name on the POTUS ballot. The cameras searching for the audience member […]

Her vs Him: “Let’s go swimming.”

Her: Shave legs and armpits Scrub face, shoulders and back Collect swimsuits and beach towels for everyone in the family Retrieve mangled sunglasses from bucket of stuffed animals Gather pool toys, sunscreen and goggles Fill cooler with drinks and snacks Give dogs a full bowl of fresh water Him: Put on yesterday’s shorts and shirt […]