Insomniac theater

When everyone in the house except me is asleep and I’m too exhausted to get up and do anything, but have too many mental tabs open to sleep, I seek out a movie to watch. Since I’m a movie fan instead of a movie critic, my bar for insomniac theater movie selection is pretty low. […]

movie trailers

Thanks to a successful marketing campaign from their SEO company that had my two youngest asking DAILY if they could go, we went to see Big Hero 6. It’s a cute movie, but I would have preferred to wait and buy the Blu-ray. Feast, the short before Big Hero 6 is absolutely wonderful. Go see […]

no submarines

“It’s Memorial Day! Let’s watch a movie about submarines.” “How about something we both like? Let’s watch spaceships instead. They’re outer space submarines.”

Frozen in my memories

As many people do, we went to the movies the day after Thanksgiving. Choosing a movie that everyone would enjoy required some negotiation. Sawyer wanted to see something that I don’t think he is old enough to see. Starving Artist already saw the movie that SuperTween wanted to see. RenTeen and Dad wanted whatever made […]

Halloween Movies

Ghosts: Ghost Story The Lady in White The Frighteners Poltergeist House Beetlejuice Ghostbusters Zombies: Shaun of the Dead Night of the Comet Vampires: Fright Night – both versions Lost Boys Buffy the Vampire Slayer Love at First Bite Witches: Witches of Eastwick Practical Magic Matilda Bell, Book and Candle Monsters: Tremors Gremlins The Mummy Everything […]

The World’s End – mini review

The World’s End was a lovely satire of maturity. It unraveled a bit at the end and the ‘whatever happened to’ bit could have been better written by fans, but the pub crawl was good fun. My only question is, did anyone else see a similarity in the plot to The World’s End and the […]

Star Trek Into Darkness immediate reaction

Mickey! Sherlock! Buckaroo! So many fandoms. Love, tragedy, courage, violence, betrayal, sacrifice. An extremely familiar line… with a twist. Tribbles. Humor. I have stubbornly denied the 3D revolution, but I now admit that when 3D is used to pull the audience INTO the screen instead of throwing the scenery AT the audience, 3D is spectacular. […]


Movies have devolved into bad CGI or good CGI aka comic books or graphic novels.