unpleasant truths

Everyone wants to explain all the reasons they couldn’t do something and nobody wants to listen to someone explaining the obstacles they overcame to get that same thing done.

This is why we can’t have nice things – shopping version

This is tax-free shopping weekend in TN. Tax-free weekend is like a ten percent off coupon. It’s a popular excuse to cram all your back to school purchases into three days. People who think shopping is an athletic competition probably love tax-free weekend. For everyone else, it’s far less fun. Tax-free weekend drivers are horrible. […]

they’re not shucking corn

StacheMan: “Cool costume. What’s the event?” Man in full Link garb, complete with pointy ears and an ocarina: “Busking.” Me: “Do you know what that means?” StacheMan: “I’ve heard the word before, but… no.” Me: “He begs for money. People pay him to take his picture.” StacheMan: “Oh.” Me: “After Dad reads this, he’ll explain […]


After watching the psychological whirlpool that the Watertown hostages experienced with courage, confidence and determination to overcome, my children are no longer allowed to whine about safety check lockdowns being bo-o-oring.

art is…

Earlier this week, The Colbert Report’s guest was Paola Antonelli, MoMA’s Senior Curator of Architecture and Design. The interview was to talk about the Applied Design Exhibit. She talked about something that caused Internet buzz more than a year ago. Massoud Hassani’s Mine Kafon is brilliant, tragic, beautiful and haunting. Mine Kafon makes tears roll […]

Undoing Georgia Tann’s destruction

A new comment on an old topic deserves more attention than it is getting, so I’m re-posting it here. I am posting this information any and everywhere I can. My brother was a Georgia Tann baby. The documents from the state of TN say that he was born Raymond Lewis Bradley on Sept. 14, 1947 […]

just another Saturday

The weekends are the only time that I can get out of the house, but Saturday mornings all the children are home so, Saturday mornings are spent at home, surrounded by family. Late Saturday afternoons, we head out for adventures. This adventure began in one of my favorite places, Hippie Holler. Although serious decluttering will […]

ripping off scabs

I’m not going to tell the story of where I was or what I was doing eleven years ago. I’ve told the story enough. It doesn’t matter to anyone but me what I was doing. Stop asking. If you need stories, re-read the stories from the people who lost loved ones, from the people who […]

Instead of wrong numbers, misdirected texts

Unfamiliar number: Yo Me: Yo-Yo Unfamiliar number: Hah what’s good man Me: I am not a man and that’s good. Unfamiliar number: What? Me: Who? Unfamiliar number: Ah f*ck it Me: Try again with the correct number. Unfamiliar number: Theres the problem My bad Me: No worries. Good luck.

19th Century Dreamers

When the topic of conversation at the neighborhood swimming pool is: “Bicyclists deserve to be run over when they ride on streets.” Nobody wants to hear a single thought about alternative transportation, the environment, physical fitness or bike paths. Any attempts to have such a discussion will kill the conversation and get your face melted […]