19th Century Dreamers

When the topic of conversation at the neighborhood swimming pool is:

“Bicyclists deserve to be run over when they ride on streets.” Nobody wants to hear a single thought about alternative transportation, the environment, physical fitness or bike paths. Any attempts to have such a discussion will kill the conversation and get your face melted off by angry glares. So, when the topic changes to:

“Everything that is wrong in this world can be traced back to women entering the workforce.” It is wise to do nothing but grimace and shrug. They will recognize that you disagree, but they will be thrilled not to hear anything contrary to their world view. However, when the topic becomes:

“The only education children need is reading, writing and arithmetic taught at home. Then, the boys can learn trades in the military and the girls can be good wives and mothers.” This is the sign that it is time to leave the neighborhood pool and go home.

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