Mirror maze technique

Tommy: Keep one arm outstretched and a hand touching the mirror until you reach the end of the maze. Sarah: Vanish in the maze with the boyfriend for as long as possible before parents find you. Noah: Walk sloooowly and cautiously. Amy: Count the number of reflections to figure out what’s a mirror and what’s […]

easily amused

Five bazillion museums, memorials and monuments to see in DC, but we had to stop and play on the lawn.

More than play

Me: “Evan? What are you doing?” Evan: “I’m just playing.” Me: “Playing what?” Evan: “I have to stack these toys using chopsticks instead of fingers.” Me: “Keep playing.”

How to dance like a 14-year-old

Step one: Girls dance while boys hide at the snack table. Step two: Girls physically drag boys to dance floor (and photographer). Step three: Boys lump together on one side of the dance floor while girls lump together on the other side. Step four: Brilliant DJ gets everyone to line dance. Step five: Boys and […]

Drop Dead Bob

When Sarah was small, she had an esoteric friend named Bob. He made random comments. “Bob stands on his head when it rains.” Bob was more of an alter-ego than an invisible friend. Or so we thought. Bob reappeared a few years ago as Amy’s secret playmate. Sarah hadn’t spoken of Bob in a few […]

imaginary swag bags

Did you see pictures of the Macworld swag? Spiffy. Because I’m a goof, I compiled the imaginary swag bag I would want from a tech conference. Lens cleaning cloth Canned air Rechargeable AA batteries Earbuds Jawbone Small logo stickers from exhibitors/speakers iTunes credit iPhone case Stand for phone Teeny bags for stuff like earbuds, batteries […]

Can I have a fill-in-the-blank?

“Mom, can I have a clubhouse.” “Well, maybe this summer your dad can build something…” “No, I mean a real clubhouse. Like in Up.” “Where?” “Me and C are gonna make the empty house down the street our clubhouse.” “No, you’re not. That house belongs to someone. You can’t go in there.” “Nobody lives there. […]