Apologies to Frozen

Do you want to play with Legos? Please let me in to play You never choose me anymore Open your door You’re growing up and away We used to play together And now we don’t I wish I understood why Do you want to play with Legos? Maybe you’d rather play some Minecraft. Misappropriated lyrics […]

Minecraft <3

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve read moms on social media declare that they are banning their child from playing MineCraft because their child “likes it too much.” Is your child still eating and sleeping? If the answer is yes, then they don’t like it TOO MUCH. MineCraft isn’t the first […]

SuperTween’s “plan”

SuperTween typed up a plan for the weekend. I have three thoughts on her plan: 1. She has no sense of time. 2. She seriously underestimates 7-y-o boys. 3. Knowing how grumpy she is after a sleep(less)over, two nights in a row of sleep(less)over is never going to happen. – – – – – – […]

he and she: group version

Females at the table: “We spent forever assembling it and she took it apart in minutes.” “He wants a $150. model that will end up a pile of pieces in the giant bucket of pieces he already owns.” Every male at the table: “They are Legos. You are SUPPOSED to take them apart.”


I like jigsaw puzzles. The only thing that prevents me from always having a puzzle in progress is my failure to convince Pomegranate to let me be a puzzle tester. Even with large gaps of time between puzzles, they are a familiar enough sight that visitors comment when there ISN’T a puzzle on the table. […]

nap trap

After we put the new to us mattress set in our bedroom, I put our old mattress on the living room floor for a few days. I thought it would get put out for the garbage collectors after one of the ‘watch movies and play games until you collapse’ events that my children call sleepovers. […]

Old mailbox, new toy

As we slowly renovate our aging house, we frequently find the discarded materials impossible to actually discard. The old and obscenely oversized mailbox was recently replaced by a copper-colored mailbox that coordinates with the new exterior house fixtures. The old mailbox sat on the lawn for less than a minute before the children were climbing […]