Drop Dead Bob

When Sarah was small, she had an esoteric friend named Bob. He made random comments. “Bob stands on his head when it rains.” Bob was more of an alter-ego than an invisible friend. Or so we thought.

Bob reappeared a few years ago as Amy’s secret playmate. Sarah hadn’t spoken of Bob in a few years, so it seemed more than a little odd to hear that familiar name. Nevertheless, Bob was back. “Bob and I want to paint.” Bob’s presence was more noticeable this time around. Sometimes he was bold. “Bob wants a cookie.”

For a few months, it looked like Amy had outgrown Bob. Out of the blue, Bob reappeared with a brashness that was less appreciated than the cookie eater incarnation. “Bob drawed on the wall with the crayons.” The naughty things that look like they were done by Evan are increasingly being blamed on Bob. Bob throws things at my head while I am driving. Bob plays with a flashlight when Evan is supposed to be sleeping. Bob is clearly related to Fred. I don’t know if I like Bob. I think we may need Ghostbusters or Frank Bannister to evict Bob.

One thought on “Drop Dead Bob

  1. That is so funny! “Bob” used to live at my house. He was my youngest son’s alter ego. Man, that Bob dude gets around!

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