be prepared?

The Boy Scouts are going on an adventure very early tomorrow morning, so they’re getting plenty of rest still putting their gear together. At the rate they’re moving, they should be ready just in time to leave.

an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant

It’s a beautiful 72 degree day outside and everyone else is heading off to the beach for the holiday, so I’m going to talk about . . . . ants. Yes, those little picnic visitors with high hopes are causing me some grief. While most of the BMS Courtyard has a normal amount of creepy […]

who will be sore tomorrow?

Before – old, broken cinder block planter After – a little bit of dirt that we’ll power wash away Before – West wall flower bed is full of thorny bushes After – Ready for the rototiller(or whatever we can borrow) If the weather is good, I’m going over tomorrow afternoon and do some pressure washing. […]

Doug the Gardener

Did you watch the video above? I gave Doug a week to post the video and tell his version of the story, but he’s been hanging out with the conspiracy theorists all week, so I’ll try to explain the video. Last weekend, we went out to get started on the clearing of the flowerbeds in […]

BMS Courtyard Revitalization

Sarah’s Girl Scout Silver Project is the revitalization of the courtyard at Bearden Middle School. The courtyard is connected to the classrooms of and used by the special education students. Sarah would like to paint a mural on the huge North wall, remove the damaged tile planter and clear out most of the overgrown and […]

Girl Scout cookies

Booth sales were low and the weather was cold, but this weekend’s booth sales were fun and relaxed. For the first time in YEARS, nobody vented their frustrations on the girls by lecturing them about trans-fat, inflation, sugar, fundraising, obesity, Girl Scouting, Boy Scouting or Planned Parenthood. We still have booths next weekend, so we […]

Girl Scout cookies are here

Starting tomorrow morning, I grow an additional arm to sell and deliver Girl Scout cookies. My annual offer to deliver cookies anywhere in Knoxville is once again extended to everyone in this area. This weekend’s cookie booth locations include West Town Mall, Kroger and Ben & Jerry’s. Guess which one I’m looking forward to the […]

truth about Girl Scout cookies

Shhhh. Don’t say you heard this from me. I won’t deny I said it, I would just prefer not to be asked by angry women in khaki and heels why I said it. Girl Scout cookies are made by two different bakeries. TN cookies come from a bakery whose initials are LBB. I don’t have […]

don’t listen to me

Friday night, I started pulling out changes of clothes and other equipment for the boys to take on their camping trip. “I don’t know why I’m doing this when you’re just going to sleep in the clothes you wear to camp.” Doug responding by handing me a list of additional equipment they ‘needed’. I pulled […]