truth about Girl Scout cookies

Shhhh. Don’t say you heard this from me. I won’t deny I said it, I would just prefer not to be asked by angry women in khaki and heels why I said it.

Girl Scout cookies are made by two different bakeries. TN cookies come from a bakery whose initials are LBB. I don’t have any opinions on cookies from the other bakery even though I do know someone who works there. This year, all the cookie recipes have changed slightly to remove trans fat. We’re not supposed to notice the difference in taste. I think the cookies are ever so slightly drier, but that could be paranoia on my part. Most of the cookies are still very tasty and addictive (just one more, just one more). The lemon coolers are gone from the product line. No big surprise there based on that cookie’s popularity in the past. We can only hope that Cafe Cookies will be the next to go away. New this year is the sugar-free Little Brownie cookie. Like sugar-free cookies of the distant past, this cookie is also flavor-free. Unless your diabetes is dangerously out-of-control, buy the regular cookies and do some serious exercise to counter the sugars. They might be great in a recipe, though. I know the cookies are expensive. That’s because this is a fundraiser. If you don’t want the cookies, buy a box to donate and the Girl Scouts will deliver them to a worthy local group. Anyone hungry?

3 thoughts on “truth about Girl Scout cookies

  1. You know, until you mentioned this, I thought my wife and I were the only one to notice such things.

    We only buy the cookies from Little Brownie Baker, and never the ones from American Baking because the cookies are never as good from there.

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