Homework Ka-Boom

When one of my older children entered middle school, they surprised everyone by immediately having failing grades in their classes. We hopped on the online grade book and discovered that this child wasn’t turning in homework or projects. Tests and quiz grades were stellar. Homework was a consistent F. Since we knew the homework was […]

old, but…

Me: “While you’re in the hotel arcade, mom and dad are going to take a nap.” Starving Artist: “I don’t believe you.”

Dear english teachers,

Me: “A green, framed “Leaves of Grass” poster would look great in our bedroom.” Professor Teen: “Leaves of Grass? Is that a book or something?” Me: “Are you joking?” Professor Teen: “No.”

Your book ideas

I asked for new book suggestions and you answered. You answered with books that you care about, books that your teens care about and books that you think Professor Teen will care about. When Netflix recommends old tv shows and movies based on an algorithm, I try their suggestions. I love movies and tv, but […]

feed the book monster

Professor Teen leaves in exactly one week for almost two weeks of light shows, temporary art, canine athletes and mechanical cats. He will also be spending more than 24 hours on airplanes and trains. This is Professor Teen. So is this. I have millions of these. Professor Teen loves to read. After borrowing and buying […]

The images should be interesting

Dad: “Don’t forget you have a nurse appointment tomorrow.” Boy teen: “I do? Why?” Mom: “It’s just your HPV booster.” Dad: “Herpes or something.” Mom: “Cervical cancer.” Dad: “Do you have a cervix, son?” Boy teen: “Uh, I guess so.” Dad: “Really?” Boy teen: “Hang on. I’m googling it.” Dad: “You should do that?”

Food Brain

Several months ago, someone used my credit card to do some online shopping. I wanted to figure out how it happened so that I wouldn’t repeat whatever allowed the theft to occur. I found it extremely frustrating that neither the bank nor the online retailer would tell me the address of the recipient of the […]

fuzzy pictures, clear memories

That is probably the cleanest picture I took during my New York visit. I also like my less impressive, cell phone picture of the Bethesda Fountain. Neither picture is my favorite. My favorite picture was taken less than a minute after the sparkly Manhattan picture at the top of this post when I turned the […]