(not so) deep musings

“Where would they sleep in Dollywood?”
“I would have stayed in the White House.”
“I would go to Biltmore. It’s built to function without things like heat and a/c, plus the land is farmable.”

“We’d need an extra trailer behind the RV just for toilet paper.”
“They should be using ham radios.”
“Why aren’t there corpses everywhere? Did Carol go crazy burying them?”
“You know, nature should have taken over everything. It’s all too clean.”
“That’s because they don’t have weather. Do you think the oceans are dead?”

“If you left me behind, I’d drive back to the other survivors.”
“You’re supposed to remain where your party last saw you.”
“You left. There’s no rescue group looking for me. I’m going back to the group.”
“I’d go back to where I left you.”
“I’ll leave you a note. It’ll be spray painted on the road.”

Isn’t this how everyone watches Last Man on Earth?

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