a visit to the DMV

Last week, I drove StacheMan to the DMV on the edge of town. That particular location is the only option for some of the most popular DMV services, including renewing the permit that StacheMan uses as his photo ID. If the services were available in downtown Knoxville, like they SHOULD be, StacheMan could have used […]

More Georgia Tann victims

As always, whenever someone comments on an ancient post about Georgia Tann, I will repost the comment for higher visibility. My mother and her sister were two of the children taken by Georgia Tann. They were taken from Lenoir City Tennessee in 1945. My mom Audrey Ann Hatley was sent to NYC. Her sister Linda […]

day of the full moon

Despite the certainty that I will only wear one pair, I packed five pairs of shoes in my rarely used suitcase and took to the road in a rental car. I started out cautiously fidgeting with the many, many buttons and knobs in the temporary vehicle. In no time at all, I was singing loudly […]

Undoing Georgia Tann’s destruction

A new comment on an old topic deserves more attention than it is getting, so I’m re-posting it here. I am posting this information any and everywhere I can. My brother was a Georgia Tann baby. The documents from the state of TN say that he was born Raymond Lewis Bradley on Sept. 14, 1947 […]

I don’t have an accent

Do you pronounce coupon as koo-pon or que-pon? It sounds like que-pon when I say it. Do pin and pen have different pronunciations? They sound the same when I say them. How do you pronounce Jenny? I don’t understand why, but apparently I say it wrong. I still maintain that I don’t have an accent… […]

Tennessee to Texas

In the past year, we’ve observed a steady stream of people moving from TN to Texas. Why Texas? Is TN too liberal for them?

for a fee…

“Dad has a real problem with being sold as an infant and now he has to keep paying the state to get information. He says they should pay him and all the other people involved in the scam.” I am less than amused that some Tennesseans can find loopholes to get around paying the state’s […]

humidity chronicles

Over the weekend, we took the youngest children to a place in middle TN that was an integral part of my childhood. A place that I haven’t visited in over a decade and an area that I told goodbye during my grandmother’s funeral. A place where time stands still. Oh, wait. The trees are taller […]

even in surreal, there must be real

The mood in the flood zone is shifting from survival to exhaustion. Everyone started with white flags waving for the media to notice that there was more happening than celebrities cheating on spouses. Victims gave status updates while their cyber friends acted as clearing houses for emergency resources. Resources trickled in and the media noticed […]

please stop arguing about guns

Even though I am still bugged by one *aspect of the process, I am going to solve half the TN legislative activity in one sentence. Ready? Here it is: If you have a carry permit, you can carry your gun. See how simple that was? Now quit arguing and get back to work on things […]