I don’t have an accent

Do you pronounce coupon as koo-pon or que-pon?
It sounds like que-pon when I say it.

Do pin and pen have different pronunciations?
They sound the same when I say them.

How do you pronounce Jenny?
I don’t understand why, but apparently I say it wrong.

I still maintain that I don’t have an accent… unless I want to have one. Even then, I don’t say y’all. That is not a word.

4 thoughts on “I don’t have an accent

  1. Y’all is a singular noun synonymous with you. Its plural is all y’all. You’uns is also a word. It is also a singular noun synonymous with you and its plural is you’unses. It’s just southern grammar, the word kind, not the female mother of your mother kind.

  2. That’s allright. Words are just tools and a southern accent is just driving a nail with a wrench turned sideways.

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