More Georgia Tann victims

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My mother and her sister were two of the children taken by Georgia Tann. They were taken from Lenoir City Tennessee in 1945. My mom Audrey Ann Hatley was sent to NYC. Her sister Linda was sent to Ca. My mother was passed off as German Hebrew to Mr and Mrs William Jacobs of NYC. They were provided with a fictitious birth certificate and false documents. My mother was one of the lucky ones. She returned to Nashville Tn after she became 21 and was able to find some of her family who had by that time moved to Cincinnatti Ohio. The family was told that the children had died. I am looking for any surviving relatives for Geneology purposes. You have 12 blood relatives that you are not aware of. Please contact me at the email provided. Thank you Jo Olsen.

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  1. info needed on TB HOSPITAL in ST.JOHN’S Newfoundland between 1950-1960 1950- 1955, maybe until 1960 i am looking for family of a male that was taken from a woman named rita pearl happgood(surname maybe Sheehan or house at the time) and put up for adoption around 1950-1955.She was in sanatorium for TB at the time of his birth. He has since passed away from cancer maybe aournd june-july of 1996. we are family of birth mother. would love nothing more than to hear from you or anyone with info about this matter. he may of lived in st.john’s or surrounding area.

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