big attitude

What do you do if you are the smallest second grader in the school? You lean left and right to be seen. You stand on tiptoes. You grin, make silly faces and wave at the audience. You mouthe the words when someone else is speaking. You make big, exaggerated movements with your arms and face. […]

A song by Amy

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, “a sister who loves me.” On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, “two Germend Sheperds.” On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, “three loving brothers.” On the fourth day of Christmas, my true […]

failure to communicate

Amy spent the entire morning drawing pictures and writing love notes to the shelf elf. “He’s going to take them all back to the North Pole tonight.” I suggested that the elf had plenty and perhaps she should do art for other people. “I’m going to make enough pictures for the shelf elf to take […]

empty box bitterness

Evan played happily with his Legos while Amy sat beside him, brooding. “Evan? You know that box that was my fort all day yesterday? The box that was soooo much fun and I loved it and I colored it and I kept my pillow in it and it was the best box ever?” “Yeah.” “Daddy […]

four eyes

Last week, when I assaulted the eardrums of everyone in the vicinity of Children’s Hospital with my plastic tree’s metal stand dragging the roof of the parking garage, it turned out to be the highlight of that day. Our destination was the children’s eye doctor who has taken care of my family since Tommy was […]

water critics

Besides the ridiculous habit of someone having to sit beside Evan until he falls asleep every night, both Evan and his sister demand a cup of water at their bedside. I’m sure it’s because I allowed them to nurse themselves to sleep or something else I did wrong, but as with many things, this is […]

Amy says:

Amy: “I got an E+ on my book of school safety rules.” Me: “That’s wonderful. What were the rules?” Amy: “Umm, I can only remember one.” Me: “What is it?” Amy: “Never punch people in the face.”