water critics

Besides the ridiculous habit of someone having to sit beside Evan until he falls asleep every night, both Evan and his sister demand a cup of water at their bedside. I’m sure it’s because I allowed them to nurse themselves to sleep or something else I did wrong, but as with many things, this is not a battle I want to fight right now. Lately, the cup of water has evolved into something of a drink order.

Evan: “I need a cup of water with THREE ice cubes.”
Amy: “I need a cup of water with ONE ice cube.”

When you tiptoe back in their dark room and put the cup of water beside the bed, a tiny hand immediately grabs it. shake, shake, shake

“That feels right. Thanks.”

If you wait too long and the ice melts . . . it gets sent back to the chef.

2 thoughts on “water critics

  1. Cathy.

    That part about the drink was so me as a child. I could not go to sleep without a drink. And, whoa unto the parent if the water ever got warm. Even at two in the am.

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