Aspies heart coupons

Coupons are all the rage right now. Gone are the days that coupons were only something poor people used to save a few pennies. Now, coupons are considered smart. I think coupons are groovy, but I am not a member of the coupon cult. First, I am capable of buying something without a coupon. I […]

running into a wall

While I don’t question that Tommy was ready to leave high school when he graduated, I am now firmly convinced that he needed something after graduation and before any attempts at college. He needed a year of being taught “how” to be a student. Because of the Asperger lenses that filter his view of life, […]

boy post updates

I gave Tommy some suggestions on making his politics paper’s topic more substantial. He went to his grandfather’s and they “discussed” the paper. Tommy called me and whined for an hour that he can’t write a paper without offending someone. I told him that it doesn’t matter what his topic is as long as he […]

college freshman reboot

Today was Tommy’s first day at Pellissippi State. We’re treating it like his freshman year of college, even though he spent a year at LMU. Well, Tommy is treating it like his freshman year. Everyone else in the family is prepared for one very exhausting semester of push, push, pushing Tommy to act like a […]

virtual love

Me: “You won’t find the person you are meant to be with if you never leave the house.” Tommy: “I’m going to meet someone on WoW.” Updated with a bonus Tommyism: Tommy and a friend decided that they were going to a party. I got upset that Tommy couldn’t provide me with an address of […]

one of THOSE days

Me: “Tommy, do you want to spend the rest of your life just playing WoW in our basement?” Tommy: “I don’t think you want to know my answer.” Sarah: “I have NOTHING to wear. I HAVE to have new clothes.” Noah: “Umm, yeah, I didn’t tell you, but, I, umm, lost a part of my […]

Tommy says:

“I feel like I’m always missing something. I know I can see and hear, but it just feels like everyone else understands what’s happening better than I do.”

where’s the hitchhiker’s guide when you need it?

We always knew that the group bathroom in the college dorm would be a problem for Tommy. It has been a constant source of annoyance for Tommy and the resulting poor hygiene has been the topic of far too many weekend conversations. Still, I was caught off guard yesterday, with just a few weeks remaining […]

college is not summer camp

Tommy’s first semester away at school we learned exactly how much he has changed and just how much things remain the same. The biggest surprise was that Tommy made friends. Real, honest-to-goodness, not orchestrated by parents, friends. Tommy and his friends played games, watched movies and went shopping. You know what they didn’t do? Study. […]