tell me about your day

Stacheman works at a fast food restaurant that is walking distance from our house. He loves it so much that he goes to work no matter how sick, sleepy or sad he feels that day. It’s an unexpected behavior from someone whose every instinct is to hide in the safety of his room. Only one […]

replace me with an app

Upon my death, there will be an immediate job opening. Seeking to hire: Talking alarm clock for StacheMan. Must be available 24/7/365. Elementary level ability to tell time and simple arithmetic skills are required. Duties include around the clock announcement of the current time, announcement of time remaining until next scheduled activity and reminder of […]

Dear teacher,

The first school day after a horrific mass murder in an elementary school, you latched on media accusations that the shooter had Asperger’s and assigned your students to write a three paragraph essay about it. The following day, you attached a very vague article about changes to the DSM to the assignment. Autism is a […]

Aspie copycat

Children on the spectrum are brilliant imitators of the people around them. It’s a technique that helps them fill in the blind spots caused by Autism. It’s also one of the best reasons for mainstreaming with their NT peers. Aspie Caveman has always had a very close relationship with his grandfather. When Tommy was very […]

Endlessly fascinating

Aspie Caveman has developed a 48-hour sleep schedule. He spends 32 hours awake, followed by 16 hours of hibernation. Sometimes, I understand his thought processes and logic. This is not one of those times.


Parents of adult Aspies know what the parents of small children on the spectrum don’t want to know. After spending twelve years of school trying to not be Autistic and learning to tolerate the NT world, the NT world is unwilling to tolerate our young adults. We recognize that our spectrum children have grown into […]

A week of Aspie conversations

Day 1: personal jet packs Day 2: ninjas Day 3: Lord of the Rings Day 4: that time you bumped your knee Day 5: flying cars Day 6:Venture Brothers characters Day 7: owning your own island Each conversation should be discussed in complete detail with careful attention to the most obscure, never considered aspects. Conversations […]

Doug says:

Me: “Why didn’t Tommy get the poo out of the snake’s tank?” Doug: “I don’t think he sees it.” Me: “It’s WHITE.” Doug: “He can’t see it Cathy.”

No Aspie label?

I understand some of the logic behind the elimination of an Asperger’s diagnosis. Autism is a spectrum disorder and the symptoms and severity don’t just vary from person to person. It varies over the course of a lifetime. Therapies, medications and techniques to help people on the spectrum are equally diverse and effective. A diagnosis […]