Aspies heart coupons

Coupons are all the rage right now. Gone are the days that coupons were only something poor people used to save a few pennies. Now, coupons are considered smart. I think coupons are groovy, but I am not a member of the coupon cult. First, I am capable of buying something without a coupon. I am sorry if it’s wasteful, but if I had to wait for a coupon to have fresh fruits in the house, we would all have scurvy. Second, no matter how great the deal is, I’m not buying things we don’t need. I recognize that we could have stockpiles of disposable razors, diapers and diet foods, but even if it’s free, we don’t NEED them.

“Look at this great ___ coupon!”
“Umm, you don’t need ___.”
“But it’s a dollar off.”
“You can save ten dollars if you don’t buy ___.”
“No. We waste a dollar if we don’t use this coupon.”

This conversation can go on forever with no progress. I believe in choosing your battles and I accept that the world is different through the eyes of Aspergers. I just find this particular battle like nails on a chalkboard. Either the Aspies in my life need to learn to say no to a coupon or I need to be assimilated by the coupon Borg. Neither of us is giving up without endlessly ridiculous conversations that promise to annoy everyone around us.

“You did WHAT?”
“We drove through the drive-thru window several times because they only allowed one coupon per visit.”
“That’s not multiple visits. You never left the property.”
“No. We followed the rules. They made us quit though.”
“You got kicked out of a fast food drive-thru?”
“I guess so.”
“Weren’t you embarrassed?”
“Why? What was embarrassing about that?”

One thought on “Aspies heart coupons

  1. Oooh goodness. Those aspies are fascinating. Thanks for the insider stories. I think it helps me understand my sons 1st cousin a bit better when I am around him.

    My grandmother has been couponing my whole life but I really only started getting into it seriously with groceries when I lost my job. Before that, I would always use coupons at Borders or at craft stores because the 30 – 40 % off a book or craft material was worth it to me. But couponing sure takes a lot of energy that I would probably not spend if I could afford not to. I was only making 24k at my previous job so its not like I could really afford to not use coupons then but I guess I wasn’t being as cheap as I thought. I think the stockpiling useless crap is kind of bizarre. It’s like couponing meets Hoarders. And I think its just another fix for those who have shopping and consumption problems. It’s like “oh I bought all this crap we don’t need and can’t afford BUT I HAD A COUPON AND IT WAS ON SALE!”

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