Newscoma goes to Memphis

One of my favorite people, Newscoma, is spending some time studying Memphis politics and the colorful politicians who play the game. Her words make me giggle as I nod my head in agreement. “What I’m finding in Memphis, because I’m doing the same thing here I do at home and that’s just talk to people […]

imaginary post about Knoxville

Let’s just pretend this is a post about what is right and wrong with Knoxville. Imagine it is insightful and edgy. I used words with more than two syllables and lots of economic, education and cultural references in my pretend post today. It irritates you and you agree with it all at once. Doesn’t everyone […]

teenagers deserve to be blogged

Overheard in the high school band room: “My mother blogs everything. You might find yourself on the Internet.” Overheard through child’s bedroom door: Tween reading my blog out loud to his friend, followed by, “My family is funny.” There are mountains of blogs detailing the adventures of pregnancy and parenting UNTIL those children become teens. […]

doing something for me

I have wanted to attend BlogHer since the very first gathering in 2005. Every year it rolled around and I came up with dozens of reasons not to go. Because I want to just isn’t a good reason to do something. Except, I still want to go. If I keep waiting for it to be […]

Why do I blog

In 2000, I started out just keeping an online journal of my life for sorting my thoughts about things happening in the world, near and far. Doug told me I was “blogging” and showed me what other people were writing. Maybe that subconsciously gave me permission to keep doing what I was already doing, but […]

meta posting

A week ago, Barry posted something that deserved more attention that it received. June 15, 2007: digital immigrant Someone who grew up before the digital age and is fairly new to the internet. Basically anyone over the age of 28. YouTube is foreign to the digital immigrant. I’m sure that this would annoy all […]