Newscoma goes to Memphis

One of my favorite people, Newscoma, is spending some time studying Memphis politics and the colorful politicians who play the game. Her words make me giggle as I nod my head in agreement.

“What I’m finding in Memphis, because I’m doing the same thing here I do at home and that’s just talk to people that I don’t know, yes, there is a level of polite but I’m finding that Memphians also will take their bullshitometer out and hit you in the head with it if they think it is necessary. I think Nashville, in some ways, uses their polite “voices” more than Memphians do. And Hoots, well that’s a whole other can of Spam but Memphis folks tend to just call it when they see it.

And they do it with a grin.”

Read the whole thing and know that I consider Memphis my home.

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