teenagers deserve to be blogged

Overheard in the high school band room:
“My mother blogs everything. You might find yourself on the Internet.”

Overheard through child’s bedroom door:
Tween reading my blog out loud to his friend, followed by, “My family is funny.”

There are mountains of blogs detailing the adventures of pregnancy and parenting UNTIL those children become teens. At that point, many bloggers turn their focus to personal hobbies or quit posting altogether. The reasons are valid. They don’t want to tell the stories that their children could someday tell for themselves. The things that teenagers do just aren’t as cute or easy to talk about as the things that babies and toddlers do and say. They don’t want to embarrass their children. Then, there are those of us who just keep on journaling. We know that our teens are perfectly capable of telling their own versions of the stories on their Facebook pages. My children are an important part of my life. I don’t WANT to avoid writing about them. We may have to write things through gritted teeth or with a hard earned sense of humor, but why would we keep written records of our lives only to a certain point? Writers write. Bloggers blog.

Noah recently complained that I blog more about Sarah than I blog about him. I do because I understand her ridiculous hormonally driven behaviors and attitudes. I do, because watching her making the mistakes I made frustrates me and drives me to drink blog. Noah, on the other hand, bewilders me. I have been a parent for more than 18 years and I am still struck silent by some of the things that adolescent boys do. I don’t know how to blog about my son abusing himself to Markie Post (Just kidding. He doesn’t know who Markie Post is). I don’t know how his mind works. I only know that he is incredibly compassionate, bright and sensitive. I know he feels forgotten and under-appreciated as the middle child. I just don’t want him to feel like he isn’t good fodder for blog posts. Or, maybe he should just stop keeping score of blog posts.

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  1. As a mother of two teenage boys, I just gotta LOL @ socks!!!!
    That said. I’m one of those parents who stopped blogging about their teenage children. They read my blog and they are NOT happy when they see references to themselves. I had to take one post down at my son’t request. They do however like to be quoted when they say or write something funny, so I do that on occasion. I guess it all comes down to whatever you all agree upon as a family. Whatever works for all of you, is fine.
    With that said, guess who posts about *me* on Newgrounds BBS?! Arrgh!

  2. Wow you are some piece of work, lady. I cannot believe you would write that about your own child, knowing that his teenage sister and her friends will read that. Shame on you!

  3. Hey Mac! Before you act so judgmentally, you should understand that we are discriminating in our blogging of the children. Our family is very technical and understand the dangers of the Internet and how they have been overhyped by the media (as explained in this government study). Our children each have their own blog and participate in Facebook and MySpace and so forth. These are the tools that will serve them later in life and they must use them and make their mistakes now rather than erroring as adults. They learn from our example and enjoy reading their stories here.

    A blog provides a history, something to look back upon and relive memories. We honor our children by blogging their lives. And we give them the option to request removal of anything they do want in print.

    I have also explained why I blog my children’s lives.

  4. There is nothing ambiguous at all about referring to a young boy “abusing himself” and laundering socks seperately. HE knows what you are talking about, laughing at him about! This is the kind of thing that scars kids for life and they will have issues with later in life. Mom making fun of a very personal, very private thing such as this, in PUBLIC no less! Where everyone they know will read about it. Do you bring this up for the family’s amusement at the dinner table too? How about in front of his teachers? Do you have such disregard for his dignity that you think it’s OK to post this stuff just to amuse yourself and your readers? Or are you so mentally twisted that you think that rank humiliation is good for his character?

    You people don’t deserve to be parents! Reading back through this site I see dozens of examples of disrespect for all your children, but most especially for this unfortunate young man. You need professional help!

  5. No one deserves to be a parent, you earn it and if that means outing yourself and all of your imperfections to the rest of the world, so be it.

    Either way, it’s your blog and readers always have the choice to come back, or not.

  6. Mac, its a shame you are in Virginia and not closer. I’d invite you to dinner to meet my family in person. We laugh with each other an not at each other. We have a lot of fun and enjoy life even when it is challenging. Our children are loved and not abused. We say nothing on the blogs that we wouldn’t say in public. And “everyone” does not read these publishings. As a matter of fact, a very small number of people ever read the mass publishings that are on the Internet today. Most blogs are read by less than 100 people. And I can assure you, the type of writing on these blogs does not match the material our children’s friends desire to read. They play on Xaanga, Facebook, and MySpace where their friends hang out.

    Ever read Erma Bombeck? Or any humorist? Writing is often embellished. The sock act was an implication not an admission that he is doing anything. It’s just a statement on a simple fact that 90% of all men do it, and 10% lie.

    Relax and lighten up. How dare you pass judgment on our parenting without knowing us! Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss parenting styles on the phone: +1-865-898-7189 You can also email juggler@gmail.com or continue commenting here.

  7. don’t deserve to be parents? is Mac planning on adopting your kids or something? or was he offering to pay for your professional help? 🙂
    and poor Noah be careful what you wish for..or at least don’t repeat it in front of your parents

  8. Paula, I offered Mac my phone number but I’m sure he called DCS instead. Hey! I’m just training my children to be in the public’s eye. How many 6 year olds know to preface their words with “Now, Dad, this is off the record!”

  9. Maybe Mac needs to check out NG BBS. The things teenagers write about *themselves* on that board. A few years ago there was a thread called something like “tell us about yourself”. A teenager who shall not be named started his post with: “I’m tall, I fap a lot…”
    This year, yet another teenager who shall not be named started a thread called “have you ever walked in on your parents?”, complete with a very graphic first post. (In his defense, he embellished A LOT so it was more like a fiction piece.) A few dozen people responded. 50% said “yes”. The other 50% said “no, but I walked in on my mom “.. er “abusing herself”.
    Honestly, as long as it is okay with everyone involved, it is okay with me. Far it be from me to go around telling people who does and who does not deserve to be parents. Tho I’m sorely tempted to say who here is in need of professional help, lol

  10. I’ve gotten to a point where I feel awkward blogging personal things on my blog since my son reads them (I blog on myspace). I also feel like I can’t address issues I’d like other parents to weigh in on, because he’d be like “omg mom why did you say that.” However, I poke fun at my kid all the time…Gee, I think if one can’t find humor in just about everything, you should probably just go ahead and do yourself in.

    I think people really enjoy knowing other people’s imperfections and quirks. If they weren’t interesting, why would anyone read anyone’s blogs?

    I am so glad you aren’t a generic nuclear family whose lives go perfectly everyday. Why do people feel the need to make it look like their lives are perfect? It only causes stress to others trying to meet an impossible goal.

    I especially respect you letting your kids use the internet so much. I do the same with my son and see other parents who don’t really let their kids online. This is a new world and the internet is part of it and sheltering them from it will only set them back.

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