not a camper

The husband loves to camp. The children love to camp. I hate camping. I will shop for camping supplies and gather campfire cooking ingredients. I will pack with ziplocs for waterproofing and gather gear for unexpected weather. I will unpack, scrub and launder the day that campers return. I don’t camp. I don’t need camping […]

Dear makers of Packtowl,

When my husband bought our teenaged son ONE Packtowl for a ten day camping trip, I doubted my husband, my son and the Packtowl. The towel is tiny, thin and stretchless. It feels like the Ultrasuede that my grandmother bought by the bolt to make pantsuits. It does not in any way resemble the giant, […]

Him vs him – packing

Doug – “I need camping shirts, camping socks, *camping this and camping that, no, I won’t need any of my printed t-shirts. I will need a new camera, a new hat, trekking poles, stuff sacks and a portable sink.” Noah – “These Dockers are too small, so I’m packing them for my one pair of […]

but … food is expensive

The Boy Scouts plan their own meals for camping trips. They also take turns buying the food. Well, technically the boys make the list and fill the shopping cart. The adults only job is to pay for the food. Guess whose turn it is to buy the food? In theory, this teaches the boys important […]

no more walkin’ in the rain

The threat of rain had everyone evacuating the dangerous outdoors last night. I can remember sitting in Neyland Stadium with technicolor storms overhead while the players never left the field. Is the weather more dangerous now? As children, we never missed a chance to play in the rain. Now, my children whine about never getting […]