Dear makers of Packtowl,

When my husband bought our teenaged son ONE Packtowl for a ten day camping trip, I doubted my husband, my son and the Packtowl. The towel is tiny, thin and stretchless. It feels like the Ultrasuede that my grandmother bought by the bolt to make pantsuits. It does not in any way resemble the giant, cotton, bath towels in our linen closet. I suggested taking a real towel as a backup or taking two of the Packtowls. The teen reassured me that he would be fine with the single Packtowl.

I was wrong. The husband and teen were right.

My teen has VonWillebrands. In case of nosebleeds, he has carried a red washcloth in his backpack for about a decade now. He didn’t have a red washcloth on his camping trip. He had one, single Packtowl.

bled for 45 minutes

The Packtowl absorbed nosebleed after nosebleed, rinsed clean and dried quickly. Looking at the Packtowl now, it has no evidence of the grisly task it performed on that camping trip. It is a brilliant camping tool.

My teenager will not carry a red washcloth in his backpack from this point forward. He will carry a Packtowl.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Dear makers of Packtowl,

  1. Tell Noah and Doug that they (along with your blog post) have sold me on the wonder that is Packtowl. I’m going to be sure to order one before our next camping trip.

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