waiting list

Since it’s illegal to drive with a cracked windshield, but the spring storms have everyone waiting months for their scheduled appointment, shouldn’t: 1. repair shops give appointment cards that people can show authorities and 2. the law change to reflect this backlog of repairs?

my car is magic

I drive children all over town. This school, that school, scouts, meetings and activities are the dots that I connect day after day. With all that driving, you would think that the gas station is a regular stop on my routes, but it isn’t. My car is magic. It never needs gasoline. Every few days, […]

good idea at the time

After seeing the umpteenth car with reindeer antlers, I suggested that we Griswald our van with an old, ratty, artificial tree. What Doug heard me say, was “Decorate the car for the crazy wife.” What he should have heard, was “Let’s weigh down the mileage on the car with bald tires and broken tie rods.” […]

Why is it so cold in here?

Our car allows the driver and passenger to control the temperature of their own air vents. Invariably, Doug has his vents blowing a/c and I have my vents cranking out the heat. I’m surprised we don’t create storm fronts in our car. I am always cold and Doug is always complaining that the house, the […]

Noah says:

We have one car. I spent Monday helping Tommy at LMU and Doug was trapped at home with four children and no car. Me: “Noah, I’m not going to make it home in time to drive you to Scouts. Please call someone and get a ride. I will be back in time to drive you […]