Why is it so cold in here?

Our car allows the driver and passenger to control the temperature of their own air vents. Invariably, Doug has his vents blowing a/c and I have my vents cranking out the heat. I’m surprised we don’t create storm fronts in our car. I am always cold and Doug is always complaining that the house, the car and his clothes are too hot. Doug is probably the only man in the world who is eager for his wife to start enjoying her own private summers.

*Are you old enough to know the origin of the title of this post?

One thought on “Why is it so cold in here?

  1. I say Bob’s warm becz of all that fur… my ancestors were further up the evolutionary scale and were almost hairless. Western Europe vs. the bohunk states in the middle and eastern part I’d say. You can verify by checking our knuckles… Bob’s still have scars from only recently switching to walking upright.

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