hiding out

I have no personal space. I thought about hiding in our bedroom closet until I realized that it is filled with everyone’s stuff but mine. It’s not fair to hide in someone else’s clothes. You would think the bathroom would be a safe place for privacy, but you’d be wrong. Even the newest 4-y-o picks […]

Wednesdays good/bad

Bad Wednesdays: Drive to preschool. Drive home. Drive to high school. Drive home. Drive to middle school. Drive home. Good Wednesdays: LOST Great Wednesdays: Everyone is FINALLY back on the island!

Why I don’t choose the music for carpool

My iPod was plugged in the car radio when the girls got in the car. Sarah: “Why are we listening to a car commercial?” Me: “This was a song before it was a commercial.” Sarah: “Well, it’s just a commercial now.” Me: “Fine. Skip to the next song.” Sarah clicked the arrow so that the […]

Dear Sarah,

Dear healthy, able-bodied, teenage daughter, If you want to go to the mall after school, please put one foot in front of the other and get yourself there instead of waiting until I drive all the way over to the school and asking for a ride to the mall. Kthxbai. Mom

sick mom quiz

If I do the carpool thing in slippers and jammies, will I: a. have car problems b. have teachers and/or parents wave me out for a chat c. cause my 15-y-o embarrassment that results in her seeking a legal change of name, school transfer and minor emancipation d. all of the above

carpool. ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I will miss many things about Kindergarten, but carpool is not one of them. If you get there half an hour early, there will still be two cars in line ahead of you. If you get there five minutes before the bell, you will be in line a block away from the school. If you […]