sick mom quiz

If I do the carpool thing in slippers and jammies, will I:
a. have car problems
b. have teachers and/or parents wave me out for a chat
c. cause my 15-y-o embarrassment that results in her seeking a legal change of name, school transfer and minor emancipation
d. all of the above

6 thoughts on “sick mom quiz

  1. I take luke to school in jammies and house shoes every morning. I try to get him to dress better…

    Oh wait, I’m the one in pajamas. I skip the bra though…

  2. I went through and read a bunch of your older posts last night. I didn’t realize we had so much in common. My middle son has autism. My husband spins fire poi – not exactly juggling, but pretty nonetheless. I’m big on child welfare. I’m an Obama fan.

    I found you through Chicka, btw.

  3. If I can take the time to put on a bra I can put on a pair of jeans on my lazy behind.

    Guys could drive carpool in boxers and claim they are shorts.

    Chicka is great. Add to your list that I was born in Chicago and still have family there. I think my middle child should try poi spinning minus the fire.

  4. Awww….glad there’s some Chicka love out there going on.

    And damn woman, a bra? Nope, not a requirement. (I figure if anyone gets turned on by these without a bra, more power to ’em!)

    I’d live in PJ pants if I could.

  5. Oh, sorry! BTW, I hope you’re feeling better (which was my original comment in mind, but I got sidetracked by the Chicka Lovefest!)

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