hiding out

I have no personal space. I thought about hiding in our bedroom closet until I realized that it is filled with everyone’s stuff but mine. It’s not fair to hide in someone else’s clothes. You would think the bathroom would be a safe place for privacy, but you’d be wrong. Even the newest 4-y-o picks the bathroom lock and stomps in to demand whatever it is he thinks he needs at that moment. My first reaction to Color Guard practice not disappearing from my carpool duties for the summer was disappointment. Then, I decided to claim the one hour practices as MY time. I might sit in Starbucks and listen to the vitamin salesman trying to sell his wares. I might turn on the ipod and do some people watching at the park. Maybe I’ll put the seat back in the car and sleep in the sticky, southern summer heat. Mostly, I will sit with my low-tech (not by choice) pen and paper writing posts or working on the project I am doing for the middle school PTO. I will only be dropping off and going home during the three weeks of all day, every day practices, but that’s okay. I’m still going to get more me time this summer than I have had since I became a parent. Anyone want to place bets on how long this lasts before the rest of the family declares mutiny on my selfishness?

3 thoughts on “hiding out

  1. I tried to get my “me time” on the weekends, away, at a local motel…which I saved up for and made sure they were on Mike’s weekends off (so he’d have the kids. I have no local family and no babysitters that can do overnights).

    About five seconds after I got into the motel room, my cell rang. It was Bug…crying…because Daddy was being mean. (How dare he expect her to behave!)

    I stood my ground though. And although the last two months haven’t panned out (surgical procedure and a communion weekend on those specific weekends I had planned), I know that next month I AM going to get my weekend away…if it kills me.

    Let me know how you do. (I wouldn’t tell anyone where I went, but I was accessible at all times. And even though I worked some of the time on my laptop, I got so much more done in much less time, than if I were at home doing it. That alone was worth it.)

  2. If you want to get away do it properly go up it the hills or on some tropical paradise. Forget the lap top, cell and just chill out. Spent some time in Thailand in a remote area it was pure heaven!

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