Man in checkout line: “Did you hear that Jon & Kate plus 8 guy is cheating on his wife?” Woman in checkout line: “That’s what *everybody says.” Man in checkout line: “Women LOVE their show. Some crazy fan is gonna have him killed for cheating on his wife.” Woman in checkout line: “Well, he could […]

second guessing

Since it’s a popular topic of “what if” in the disability community, I will make a very concise comment on a tragedy that recently occurred to a celebrity family in a vague, but clearly identifiable way. It doesn’t matter if the “label” applied to someone was what was publicly or privately discussed. What matters is […]

celebrity TMI

I really enjoyed movies and music more when celebrities kept their personal lives private. Please stop giving the stalkarazzi your schedule and pay for GOOD pr firms, body guards and drivers. If you can’t behave in public, stay home. You are taking all the fun out of spending a week’s pay to take the family […]

carpool. ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I will miss many things about Kindergarten, but carpool is not one of them. If you get there half an hour early, there will still be two cars in line ahead of you. If you get there five minutes before the bell, you will be in line a block away from the school. If you […]