celebrity TMI

I really enjoyed movies and music more when celebrities kept their personal lives private. Please stop giving the stalkarazzi your schedule and pay for GOOD pr firms, body guards and drivers. If you can’t behave in public, stay home. You are taking all the fun out of spending a week’s pay to take the family to the movies.

One thought on “celebrity TMI

  1. My thinking on this is that a lot of the celebs you link to don’t have any real friends, so much as they have enabler. A real friend who be there with Shia and make him see that if he can’t just have one drink, then he’s got a problem and maybe he needs to not drink. Or the friend would take his keys and not allow him to drive. Or make sure if that if he wants to get toasted, he does it at home.

    The problem is that you’ve got a lot of celebs who have lost the notion of personal responsibility since they think their status and money will get them out of any situation.

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