But don’t put your tongue on a flagpole

The 10-y-o and the 13-y-o were having a lengthy and slightly agitated discussion about extreme cold. A: “Well, C said that she knew somebody who peed outside and the pee froze before it hit the ground.” E: “You can make pee-sicles?” A: “That’s what I heard.” Then, Dad chimed in with a lecture about temperatures, […]

Why is it so cold in here?

Our car allows the driver and passenger to control the temperature of their own air vents. Invariably, Doug has his vents blowing a/c and I have my vents cranking out the heat. I’m surprised we don’t create storm fronts in our car. I am always cold and Doug is always complaining that the house, the […]

taking a sick day

I’m sick. Runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, headache, coughing, tired and aching sick. A few days ago, I sneezed without covering my mouth. It was rude, disgusting and wet. A mist of germs sprayed in every direction. Doug tried to pretend he didn’t notice. His eyes rolled toward his damp arms and I could see his […]