Ministry of Silly need not apply

I get a newsletter from Blue Moon drive-ins every week. This morning, the e-mail looks something like this: The Midtown Drive-In This Drive-In is for Sale Serious Persons Inquire’s Only It’s a good thing I didn’t call to ask any questions about the sale. I am entirely lacking in seriousness. It does seem that having […]

drive-in for sale

Our favorite drive-in movie theater is for sale. Immediately upon reading about this news, Doug and I played our favorite “what if” game. As in, what if we found an investor so that we could buy it? We could hire Tommy and all of his extremely bright Aspie friends to work at the theater. We […]

one less drive-in

From Blue Moon Theatres: “The Sparta has lost its lease and will be closing for good. Labor Day Weekend will be the last weekend for the Sparta Drive-In. We could not negotiate a new lease, so we have decided to close. Thanks for everyone’s support for the last seven years.”