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Our favorite drive-in movie theater is for sale. Immediately upon reading about this news, Doug and I played our favorite “what if” game. As in, what if we found an investor so that we could buy it? We could hire Tommy and all of his extremely bright Aspie friends to work at the theater. We would begin the season earlier in the spring and stay open until later in the fall. We would have special events for area high schools. We would have free events for scouts as a reward for community service projects. We would have one night a year when the price was per car instead of per person. We would rent the theater out for private parties and corporate picnics. We would have one night with free admission in exchange for canned foods or coats or only worn once prom dresses. We would encourage recycling. We would make the smokers stay in the very back of the property. We would subcontract the real food sales to local restaurants. We would landscape the property borders with plants that discourage mosquitoes and encourage fireflies. We would burn the bathrooms down to the ground and completely rebuild them. We would repair the screen. We would have a new, but 50’s era sign at the entrance and better signage leading to the drive-in.

What will really happen though, is some developer will buy the land. They will destroy the endangered species that is the drive-in. They will then build something completely lacking everything that makes a night at the drive-in so wonderful.

3 thoughts on “drive-in for sale

  1. I didn’t know that there were ANY drive-in theaters that were still operating – or had at least operated in recent history. Wow.

    I like your plan. Find yourself an investor!

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