Found: one egg

Six days after Easter and two days after the storms, I found an Easter egg in the yard. It wasn’t one of the four boiled eggs that were not found. Wild animals probably found those. Wild animals is not a euphemism for my children either. No, I found a small yellow plastic egg with candy […]


How to decorate boiled eggs – 4-y-o: Drop each boiled egg in a cup of color as rapidly as possible. Immediately remove with your bare hands and declare egg decorating “all done”. The result is a dozen pastel eggs with technicolor fingerprints. 7-y-o: Patiently hold each egg so that only half of it is soaking […]

The Easter candy is gone already?

Dear Nestle aka Wonka, Just like every year, I help the Easter Bunny by picking a bag or two of whatever candy happens to be on sale each week before Easter. This year, I ended up with one bag of Wonka Runts Freckled Eggs. I didn’t realize the incredible taste sensation that is a Runts […]

Is that the ONLY place a kid can be a kid?

Today we had family visiting, hunted for eggs, ate a ton of food, drove an hour and a half each way to take the oldest back to college, hiked a mile and a half of the Cumberland Trail and took 5 zillion potty breaks. On the way home from it all, the 3-year-old cheerfully requested, […]

I am not the Energizer bunny

Dear Evan, I know you are excited about Easter, but Mommy is much too out of shape to hop around the house like a bunny several times every day. You have four older siblings who can play “bunny” without becoming instantly breathless. I do not want to explain to paramedics that I broke myself tripping […]