facebook is the new aol

“Augh! My paper that I spent an hour writing is GONE!” “Relax. Let me see if there’s a saved copy of it. Were you using Word?” “I was typing it up on facebook.” “Facebook? You were writing a school paper on facebook?” “Yes.” “Open up something other than facebook and start over.” “Did you see […]

Is there a Facebook quiz for that?

Other parent: “Our children are going to be embarrassed that their school is Title 1.” Principal: “I understand. They’re probably talking about this on Facebook.” Me: “Unless there’s a Title 1 quiz, I don’t think ANY middle schooler is discussing this on Facebook.” Other parent: blink-blink

Dear TechCrunch,

Baloney. Teenagers don’t like Twitter because their PARENTS use it. Who wants to go to a party with their mom? Twitter is also fundamentally different than Facebook. Twitter users like to talk politics and breaking news with random silliness thrown in to try and lighten the mood. Facebook is all about quizzes and random silliness […]


I don’t really have anything to say about watermelon. I just made a random Facebook comment that watermelons have been kinda blah so far this year and it got a dozen comments. I thought I’d test the watermelon interest level over here. Does anyone have deep thoughts about watermelon?

overheard conversation

Girl 1: “OMG, I couldn’t leave the house to come here until I changed my Facebook status to really, really cold.” Girl 2: “I know! I saw it and changed my status to colder than you are.” Girl 3: “Ohhh, now I have to go back home to change my status.”