facebook is the new aol

“Augh! My paper that I spent an hour writing is GONE!”
“Relax. Let me see if there’s a saved copy of it. Were you using Word?”
“I was typing it up on facebook.”
“Facebook? You were writing a school paper on facebook?”
“Open up something other than facebook and start over.”

“Did you see the links to colleges with art programs that I sent you?”
“No. Where did you send it?”
“It’s in an e-mail.”
“I never check e-mail. Send it to my facebook.”

One thought on “facebook is the new aol

  1. It is true… Facebook is the new AOL.

    Proprietary Mail System… Check

    Companies promoting their Fanpages rather than their own Sites (old days AOL Keyword: MyPage now facebook.com/mypage)… check.

    Walled garden that people mistake for the Internet… Check.

    Yup, it is true Facebook is the new AOL… but I can’t imagine anybody writing a paper in Facebook!! Yikes!!

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