Another Georgia Tann comment

From the comments on this post: “My sister, cousin and I are looking for our fathers birth family. My dad and my uncle are red headed identical twins. We were all told a long web of lies only to find out that they were Georgia Tann babies. All we were told that may be part […]

More Georgia Tann victims

As always, whenever someone comments on an ancient post about Georgia Tann, I will repost the comment for higher visibility. My mother and her sister were two of the children taken by Georgia Tann. They were taken from Lenoir City Tennessee in 1945. My mom Audrey Ann Hatley was sent to NYC. Her sister Linda […]

Undoing Georgia Tann’s destruction

A new comment on an old topic deserves more attention than it is getting, so I’m re-posting it here. I am posting this information any and everywhere I can. My brother was a Georgia Tann baby. The documents from the state of TN say that he was born Raymond Lewis Bradley on Sept. 14, 1947 […]

From the archives

Because today is one of my father’s birthdays: Georgia Tann Open those filing cabinets Less than six degrees Yay and yikes Staring us in the face Pictures that made me cry Little things

Little things

Every time we learn a new tidbit of information about my father’s adoption, there is an emotional process that unplugs the present. It feels like a giant box of archived files has been spilled into your mental inbox. Forgotten and fuzzy memories have to be replayed with the new information added, like a newly discovered […]

A new, old birthday

Today is my father’s birthday. It wasn’t his birthday last year. It wasn’t his birthday for the past 68 years. His 69th birthday is his first January 5th birthday. It’s also the 69th anniversary of his death. To say that this day is more contemplative than celebratory would be an astronomical understatement. My father is […]

staring us in the face

We spent so many years searching for information about my father’s adoption that we felt prepared for anything we might learn. Old records, news clippings, a court recorder and court documents were extremely descriptive of the modus operandi of Georgia Tann. Every single time the story was discussed, we talked about the multiple scenarios that […]

Yay and yikes

When my father had CABG surgery, every single clipboard attached to his bed had “no family medical history” written in letters so large that it was impossible not to see it. It didn’t stop doctors, nurses and social workers from asking him repeatedly why he had no family medical history. Among the many, many revelations […]

for a fee…

“Dad has a real problem with being sold as an infant and now he has to keep paying the state to get information. He says they should pay him and all the other people involved in the scam.” I am less than amused that some Tennesseans can find loopholes to get around paying the state’s […]