Girls like math, they just don’t know it

When you first sit down at the elementary school cafeteria table filled with girls, there is an interview. “How old are you?”* “How many kids do you have?” “How many pets are at your house?” There are a dozen additional questions, but the common theme of the answers is that they are numbers. I asked […]

you’ve got red on you

I realize that when I write about something as controversial as laundry I risk comments from the comprehension impaired, but I’m all about edgy topics like household chores. Aaaanyway, as I’ve said before, we have color-coded baskets for dirty laundry. The white basket is for whites. The bright green basket is for brights. The navy […]

Calls from the teacher = Not a good thing

I love caller ID. Without even picking up the phone, I see one of the children’s schools on the ID and I know something is wrong. Is it the middle school? Noah must be having a nosebleed. Is it the high school? Sarah must have lost her cell phone. Is it the elementary school? Maybe […]

Homecoming is just the appetizer to Prom

I picked the trio of female high schoolers up from the high school. They immediately asked if they could go to the mall. As I dropped them off, they announced that they didn’t want to carry their backpacks. I assumed that meant I would be driving around town delivering backpacks later tonight. I got home […]


Sarah has sleepover guests on a regular basis. Once, she had 16 guests. It was exhausting, but easy. I understand girls. Now that she and her friends are teenagers, I know exactly what they are thinking and plotting. Going head to head with her is frustrating, but I know that it’s a dance we must […]