you’ve got red on you

I realize that when I write about something as controversial as laundry I risk comments from the comprehension impaired, but I’m all about edgy topics like household chores. Aaaanyway, as I’ve said before, we have color-coded baskets for dirty laundry. The white basket is for whites. The bright green basket is for brights. The navy basket is for darks. This is not a complicated system. Everyone uses it to some degree. They just don’t use it equally. All the females in the house put red clothes in the basket for brights. All the males in the house put red clothes in the basket for darks. This begs the question, do males have rods and cones that “see” red differently than females or is this a gender based interpretation of the color red? Either way, since the woman is always right and all three females believe reds go in the bright basket, the men in the house need to adapt for survival.

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