Homecoming is just the appetizer to Prom

I picked the trio of female high schoolers up from the high school. They immediately asked if they could go to the mall. As I dropped them off, they announced that they didn’t want to carry their backpacks. I assumed that meant I would be driving around town delivering backpacks later tonight. I got home and the text messages began.
Since homecoming is next week*, can I get my hair cut?”
“Okay. Let me know what time your appointment is and I’ll go back to the mall and pay.”
“Umm, actually, there was no wait, so she’s already started cutting it.”
“What if I had said no?”
“I knew you wouldn’t, since homecoming is next week.”

*Since homecoming is next week is a phrase that precedes every request to go somewhere, do something or buy a **dress/shoes/purse/hair product. Beware of those words.

**dress/shoes/purse – consignment store for $70. I pointed out that she’s going to need a specialty undergarment for the dress she chose. I anticipate she will begin to panic about that item the day before homecoming.

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